Technarium shall be a place with tools for your dreams. Our vision is an open, community-operated space in Vilnius, Lithuania, where people with technology-related interests could collaborate, work on their projects, share their knowledge and skills. We've been operating an informal workspace where our friends and friends of friends could come and make or fix things for several years, we have lots of experience and the basic equipment. Now we would like to expand the place and open it to the broader community.

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At the moment we operate at a 400 sq. m. space that is already too small for the workshops, tools and machines and for all the projects. Some of us work there, making theatre decorations and custom machinery or handmade furniture. The others come to work on their projects: restoring an old Mercedes van, a small boat, fixing or welding a bike. Several members are making prototypes: testing a professional camera-stabilising system, designing pyrolysis apparatus that would convert plastic waste to fuel, a small telescope tracking system. A plant-watering alarm that one of us made is already available commercially (it is open-source, too).

We are looking for an affordable industrial space with running water/electricity/other infrastructure -- if you have any ideas or hints, let us know! 1000-1500 sq. m. would be enough for metalwork, carpentry and machine shops, ceramics, jewellery and silkscreening studios, electronics and hardware workshops, industrial painting, bicycle and automobile repair zones, a chemistry lab, a computer class and a social area.

We’re a small, diverse collective: engineers, artisans, software and hardware hackers, scientists and artists. Check out some of our previous and current projects at, our blog, or on Github (miceuz, astrolitterbox, rxdtxd).

We are creating and developing a local technical community hub guided by the same ethos as the global network of hackerspaces and makerspaces: free and unrestricted sharing of knowledge, active participation and inclusivity. We want to show that technology is an inherently creative endeavour.

Contact us if have any ideas, would like to receive news or come to see us: crew(a)